If you haven’t heard of this word before then you’ve most likely never been connected with the manufacturing industry.  Simply put, Kaizen is “The practice of continuous improvement” and the mindset of Kaizen is what put Japan solidly on the map of the current industrial landscape.

Our powerful BPS Digital Marketer360 platform is built from the ground up on the principles of Kaizen.  When you retain us as your digital marketing partner, you’re ensuring that your business will be the leader of your industry, leaving your competitors heads spinning as they strive to keep up with you.  Regardless of whether you own a medical practice, an HVAC company, or a law firm, you will invariably see a triple digit increase in business/consumer leads which equates to unparalleled month after month sales growth.

How Do We Do It?

At Blue Pixel Studios we aren’t like every other digital marketing agency that touts old advice as it makes its way to the mainstream and we certainly don’t tell you to do what everyone else is doing.  We create techniques, systems and, call-to-action messaging that turns your customers from a lukewarm sales lead into a red hot prospect with cash in hand.

For Instance… Did you know that adding one simple line of text at the end of our lead generation form resulted in a 200% increase in leads in a particular industry?

We’re able to achieve this for our clients because we own and operate a multitude of national sales companies that thrive off the services we offer to our select BPS Digital Marketer360 clients.  The idea is that as our ship rises, so will the ships of those who have partnered with us.  When we discover and thoroughly test a concept that converts, we take that concept across all of our partner’s digital marketing efforts.

Another key to our success with this program is testing.  We test, test again and continue painstakingly testing so that your digital presence becomes a living, breathing entity - constantly evolving into the perfect conversion funnel that we continue to fill as new opportunities arise.

You get 24/7 access to website lead reporting


Talk is cheap, results are priceless.  Every single customer that has partnered with us in this program has remained a client for life.  Here are just a few success stories:

  •   Medical practice achieves 300% increase in consultation requests after BPS Digital Marketer360 implementation.
  •   HVAC Company achieves online search domination and an astounding 20%+ online conversion rate (online/phone request for quote) while the industry average is a mere 3-5%.
  •   Online sales company grows from 60k in yearly sales to quarter of a million in just one year of implementing our system and continues to grow.

Implementing our digital marketing platform is the equivalent of hiring a team of salespeople that work for your business 24/7 but don’t take a commission of your profits.  We bring our clients amazing results for one low monthly cost - no hidden surprises or commissions.


Let’s talk.  Visit our online consultation request form and tell us about your business and why you think your company would make great partner in our BPS Digital Marketer360 platform.