Reputation management is like insurance for both your business and the reputation that built your business into what it is.  Like insurance, most companies don’t know they need a proactive reputation management service until it’s too late.  The fact of the matter is that 95% of your customers who have a great experience when in contact with your business won’t end up leaving a review.  On the other side of the equation is the fact that 80% of those who have a bad experience with your company will end up seeking out an online source to leave your company a negative review.  How would your business benefit by turning those numbers around?

While we all know that some customers will simply be impossible to please, you can now take steps to protect your company image with our proactive reputation management service.  What we mean by “proactive” is that when that angry customer seeks out a review website to leave a negative experience, they’ll be met by a flood of customers raving about your products and services.  This not only discourages the customer from leaving a bad review but if they do end up posting a negative experience their post will get buried in a sea of good reviews and as a result keep your company’s average rating score on top of your competitors.

What are the benefits of reputation management for your business?

The benefits of reputation management go beyond simply garnering positive reviews of your company.  These advantages are:

  •   Your natural search engine ranking will increase.  Search engines aren’t humans, they’re robots that utilize algorithms to try and determine what people like.  If they see your company consistently garnering positive reviews month after month, they determine that you have a great service and deserve to be listed higher up in their listings.
  •   Your search engine listing will stand out more and get more clicks in the search engines when internet searchers seek out your business.
  •   Potential negative reviewers will be more dissuaded to leave a bad review for your company when they see all the positive reviews from other customers.

How do We do it?

We combine service targeting, e-mail marketing and incentive programs (along with a few trade secrets) to flood your wall with great reviews.   All our reviews come from your real customers, not fake reviewers in foreign countries which will eventually end up harming your business and possibly get your listing banned from search results.

Start Protecting Your Business Today

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