Customized landing pages are quickly becoming the lifeblood of many businesses.  A well designed and well implemented landing page can convert visitors into customers 85% more effectively as compared to your company website.

What is a Landing Page?

Think of a landing page as a miniature, extremely potent version of your website.  It’s been found that you have approximately 12 seconds to grab your visitor’s attention, get them to read your message and convince them to fill out a well placed lead generation form to request more information about your product and service offerings.  A landing page combines powerful messaging, engaging visuals and targeted psychological indicators to draw in the visitor and attain a lead while maximizing the value of your advertising dollars.

What Make Our Landing Pages Convert?

You can’t fake a conversion rate.  The conversion rates on landing pages we create are consistently off the charts when compared with industry averages.  Why is this?  Put simply, we understand what information customers came in search of, how to convince them your company is the best choice to fulfill their needs and most importantly, how to incentivize them into giving you their contact information in the form of a lead.  We don’t use cookie cutter, generic templates because we believe your business is far from cookie cutter.  Everything we create is custom to your business, your services and your visitors.

  •   Visual Reporting
  •   Lead Source Tracking
  •   Geo-targeted
  •   Messaging
  •   Ad Copy Creation
  •   Special Offer Countdown
  •   Incentivized Offers
  •   Split Testing
  •   Automated Responders
  •   Analytics Integration
  •   Integration with Social Media
  •   Retargeting Campaigns

Managed Campaigns

Campaigns are what feed your landing pages.  Normally campaigns feed from online advertising outlets such as Google Adwords™ or Bing Advertising™ but can also come from an online industry magazine or newspaper website.  We’re experts at managing campaigns.  We constantly split test ads and seek out negative keywords to make sure your campaign is operating at peak performance and building leads for your business around the clock.  For a flat, low monthly fee we’ll manage your campaigns and send you reports on performance, cost-per-click and cost-per-conversion rates so you can monitor your ROI of each campaign we implement.