Website hosting.  It’s one of those things that you don’t really appreciate until something really bad happens.  Most view web hosting as simply one of those need-to-have services in order to host proper websites, landing pages, apps, etc.  …or should it be more than that?

This is the part of the conversation where we could bore you with terms such as redundancy, RAID, and bandwidth, but if you know us by now that’s not how we communicate.  Instead, let’s talk about…

How Lightning Fast, Rock Solid Hosting Impacts Your Business Growth

Let’s throw a few statistics at you.   Did you know that for every second it takes your website to load, you may be losing up to 7% of the possible revenue your website could produce for your company?  Did you know that if your website takes 4 seconds or longer, you’re most like losing 75% of your traffic before they even have an opportunity to view your sales pitch or services?

Hosting Speed

It’s no hidden secret that recent Google Algorithm changes are favoring websites that load fast for their users.  With more and more web visitors browsing with tablets and smart phones, Google wants your website to load fast across all networks and all devices.  The simple fact of the matter is that faster websites have a ranking advantage as Google favors their efforts.  And if you know anything about digital marketing you’ll know that a higher ranked business in the natural results gets the majority of the web leads and the phone calls.

Website Security

We’re going to go ahead and say it.  Web design firms that use CMS platforms such as Wordpress do so because it has a low barrier of entry to our industry and they can design your website fast and cheap.  In our eyes it is the equivalent of putting the engine of a Ford Pinto into a Ford Mustang.  Such platforms are the #1 target of hacking bots and exploits.  We’re tired of seeing “This website may be hacked” messages in Google’s search results which kills your lead generation efforts. 

We’ve taken the time and effort to build our own custom content management system built to be secure and much more friendly to use so that your website looks like a Ferrari on the outside and beats all your competitors when comes time to race.


Down time equates to lost leads and lost business opportunities. Simple as that.  We pride our servers on their uptime stats and that allows for our customers to be gaining new business leads and new customers every hour of the day.