Don't get us wrong, we love our clients.  What we don't like so much is talking on the phone with them to review mundane tasks that should be easy for them to keep updated internally.   These tasks may include adding a question to a FAQ, adding a service page, or inserting a coupon on their site that matches their medial advertising.  All these tasks can be easily managed using our proprietary content management system developed by the coding experts at Blue Pixel.

Why Content Management Systems aren't Inherently Good

You may have been told by other web development companies that CMS's (Content Management Systems) such as Wordpress, Drupal, or Joomla are the way to go for your company. In our humble opinion those recommendations are a very good indication the development company doesn't quite understand the needs of their clients or they're simply up-charging a pre-made theme giving your website the same cookie-cutter look as 100's of others on the web.  We've encountered many websites from customers who have come to us seeking help after their boxed CMS websites were hacked.

There is nothing worse for the reputation of your company than a customer going to your webpage and leaving with a virus.  If you're not a developer and don't possess the knowledge and skill level to keep your CMS updated, then don't get fooled into a big box CMS.

The Blue Pixel Solution to Content Management

Content management shouldn't be complicated.  Running your business gives you enough to problem solve during the day and if you need a tutorial to keep your website updated then there's something very wrong.  That's why we've developed a simple interface with drag-and-drop functionality that allows you to update your content in just a couple simple clicks.  If you can use Microsoft Word, then you can use our system.

Development Modules

At the core of our content management system is our page manager.  The page manager controls the meat and potatoes of your website such as service pages, contact page and a history section.  Beyond the page manager are the modules we develop, some standard and some developed specifically for certain projects.  Some of these modules include:

  •   Business Locations Manager
  •   FAQ Manager
  •   File/PDF Manager
  •   News Manager
  •   Blog Manager
  •   Leads Manager
  •   Slideshow Manager
  •   Equipment Manager (manufacturing)
  •   Trips Manager (transportation)
  •   Coupon Manager
  •   Products Manager
  •   And Many More!

Put Your Finger on the Pulse of Your Business

Beyond the ability to control your website, our content management system also reports to you on how many new visitors you have, how people found your website and how many new leads your website has generated for you to follow up on.  If you like to know every facet of how your online presence is performing for your business, then you'll love our content management system.  For a complimentary demonstration of our CMS, please visit our "Partner with Us" form and tell us a few details about your company.